Trial Course

3 Classes for Just $29.99 ... $19.99

Trial Course Includes:

Focus - Discipline - Fitness - Stress Relief for Men, Women & Children of all ages.

  • 3 Trial Classes for either Kung Fu, Kids or Tai Chi
  • A Professional Black Belt Coach
  • Times At Your Convenience
  • Easy to Schedule Your First Class Below
  • Rescheduling is Easy
  • Classes Designed for Beginners
  • You Can Pay Now or When You Come In

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Both children attend the academy in the Southside. I am very thankful for the teachers and their patience when it comes to my children. I can see a change in their behavior already. At first, I was concerned about adding an additional expense to our household, but I truly feel that every dollar I have spent has been well worth it. I have no complaints at all. I just wish they had the shoes that fit my younger son, but I know he will grow into the smallest size.

John Matty

My first lesson was fantastic! What a work out, I have been compelled for years to do this, but I wanted the real thing. I'm very serious about obtaining my black-belt and as many levels as possible. My first lesson in Wexford feels equal to a 4 mile hike at McConnell Mills, 18 mile bike ride at Moraine Park and a 30 minute weight training session. I have been a trainer in the past and never got what I got from a 45 minute lesson at Rothrock’s Kung Fu studio! Fantastic!

John Matty
Bob Evers

Master R. I would like to express my appreciation and thanks for the benefits I have already noticed due to my participation in the Tai Chi class. I have experienced an improvement in my flexibility. I am now able to do things which were not possible in the last three years due to pain from arthritis.  I have cut pain medication in half, have lost between 15 to 20 pounds and my blood pressure is perfect.  I feel that I have a “new lease on life”, and am most grateful for this.

Bob Evers

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