Ground Fighting Class starts with some techniques to teach you how to move on the ground. The first two techniques that you will learn in a ground fighting class are the Spider Run and Crab Walk. These two ground exercises allow you to move quickly away or even toward your opponent for the offense.


Next, you’ll learn the fighting strategies from the ground. In Kung Fu, we cover the simple palm blocks, eagle claw grabs, and of course, the flower leg technique. You also learn several different kicking techniques that include the Front Heel Kick and Side Cutting Kick.

Next, you explore the different ways to sweep an opponent to the floor. These sweeps can be used from the ground fighting position or just a standing position. Some of these sweeps include the Reverse Sweep, the Forward Sweep, the Iron Broom Sweep, and the full Circle Reverse Sweep; always a lot of fun! Once you get this arsenal of weapons down, you’ll have more strategies and techniques from the ground or you can sweep your opponent to the ground.

Suppose you get into a self-defense situation and an attacker moves in quickly. You drop and sweep his legs out from under him and down he goes. This gives you the perfect opportunity to leave the area and avoid further conflict. More advanced strategies include the use of the third leg to unbalance the opponent to drive him to the ground. Once on the ground, you have opportunities for various locks.